Hardman Studio Wurlitzer Theater Pipe Organ ConsoleHardman Studio Wurlitzer Theatre Pipe Organ Console

Available for Sale or Donation

We are actively searching for the next home for our Wurlitzer organ. This recently restored 4/38 Wurlitzer theater organ is available for sale, or donation to a responsible tax-exempt organization having an appropriate acoustical environment where it can be seen, played, and heard in concert on a regular basis, and where proper security, long term care and maintenance are assured.

Can you suggest an appropriate space in your area that we should consider?  A few examples include a civic or school auditorium, performing arts center, church, concert hall, maybe a movie theater. Location and timing are not critical. We welcome your thoughts and ideas and would like to hear from you.  Please contact Jack Hardman with your ideas for a suitable venue for this beautiful concert-ready historic instrument.  And thanks for trying to help us!

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